Staff & Contact Information

Providing high quality early learning, birth through age eight, which builds on individual strengths and honors respectful relationships.

Department main number: (509) 456-7086 or 1/800-531-4285

Fax number: (509) 323-2785

Sandra Szambelan, Director

(509) 789-3589

[email protected]


Amanda Mellis

Amanda Mellis, Program Assistant

(509) 789-3524

[email protected]


Picture of Linda Lucas

Linda Lucas, Department Secretary, ECEAP Enrollment/ELMS Database

(509) 323-2720

[email protected]


Kim Lyman, Education and Inclusion Coordinator

(509) 789-3783

[email protected]


Mary Schauer, Family Services & Community Engagement Coordinator

(509) 323-2770

[email protected]


Katy Chapman, Birth - Three Early Childhood Coordinator

(509) 789-3521

[email protected]


picture of Kristin Monson

Kristin Monson,P-3 Professional Development Coordinator

(509) 789-3531

[email protected]

 Cindi Estelle Cindi Estelle, Lead Family Resources Coordinator

Ferry, Stevens, Pend Oreille, and Lincoln Counties

(509) 680-7748

[email protected]

Fax: (509) 384-7872

 picture of Bobbi Cobb Bobbi Cobb, Birth-Three Quality Initiatives Coach

(509) 789-3522

[email protected]


Patty Shastany, Birth-Three Quality Initiatives Coach

(509) 789-3522


 Becky Zaleski

Becky Zaleski, ECEAP Education Coordinator

(509) 789-3834

[email protected]


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