Nutrition Cooperative

Districts in NEWESD 101 now have the opportunity to join a new Child Nutrition Cooperative. Those included in the cooperative will work with Registered Dietitian Abby Miller to improve their school nutrition programs. This cooperative also partners with the Empire Health Foundation to bring whole foods and scratch cooking to schools. Abby will customize her services based on the needs of each district. Her main services have included:

 Recipes - Update, standardize and credit current recipes. Introduce new recipes with emphasis on whole foods and scratch cooking.
 Menu - Assistance in meeting meal pattern requirements and developing cycle menus.
 Production Records - Create pre-filled production record templates for the cycle menu.
 Special Diets - Work with parents, administrators, nurses and food service staff to create a safe operating procedure for special dietary needs.
 Training - Provide training to meet annual professional standards requirements.
 Grants - Assistance locating and writing grant applications.
 Administrative Review - Help preparing documentation for the Administrative Review.

Interested districts should contact Abby Miller ( or Mick Miller ( for details on joining this cooperative. Call ahead to be added to our waitlist for 2020-21.

2020-21 Cooperative Districts:
Columbia School District
Creston School District
Curlew School District
Daybreak Youth Services
Evergreen School District
Garfield School District
Harrington School District
Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations (SPS)
Kettle Falls Schools District
Liberty School District
Mary Walker School District
Northport School District
Onion Creek School District
Selkirk School District
Sprague School District
Valley School District
Wilbur School District

Nutrition Cooperative Commodity Diversion Agreements
Food Service Contracts
Conagra Brands, Inc. 2020-21
Good Source Solutions, Inc. 2020-21
Nardones Bros. Baking Co., Inc. 2021-21
SA Piazza & Associates, LLC, 2020-21
SA Piazza & Associates, LLC Amendment, 2020-21

Interlocal Agreements
Central Valley School District
Colville School District
East Valley School District
Ephrata School District
Inchelium School District
Kettle Falls School District
Loon Lake School District
Mary Walker School District
Mead School District
North Franklin School District
Northport School District
Pasco School District
Pullman School District
Spokane Public Schools