School Safety Center

In 2019, the Legislature passed House Bill 1216 designed to increase school safety and support student well-being. As a result, a statewide K-12 school safety network was developed, operated through a partnership between the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and the Association of Educational Service Districts (AESD).

The bill established Regional School Safety Centers (RCW 28A.310.510) in each of the nine ESDs across Washington State. The School Safety Center provides essential student safety and well-being services including:

  • School-based threat assessment coordination
  • Suicide prevention and training
  • Behavioral health supports
  • Comprehensive school safety planning
  • Emergency management.
  • Crisis response
  • Crisis management

Our School Safety Center is comprised of one Comprehensive School Safety Specialist, one Behavioral Health Navigator, and three Threat Assessment Coordinators. These roles work together comprehensively, in order to support the scholars, schools, and communities in our region by addressing the barriers to physical, emotional, and mental health safety within the schools and communities that we serve.


Contact Us

Need to contact a member of the school safety team? Email the team at: [email protected]

Brittany Campbell Staff PhotoBrittany Campbell
Director of Student Support
[email protected] 
Kelly Loos Staff PhotoKelly Loos
Program Assistant
[email protected]

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