The Maintenance department at NEWESD 101 provides support services such as construction, maintenance, preventative maintenance, custodial services, grounds keeping, safety and security for all of the departments within the NEWESD campus. Our goal is to provide an environmentally friendly work place for staff and patrons of NEWESD 101.

If you have questions, concerns or comments for the Maintenance department at NEWESD 101, please feel free to contact:

Cheryl Harper, Facilities Director
[email protected]

1-509-323-2724 desk
1-509-323-2765 fax

Arlo Miller, Maintenance and Operation
[email protected]
1-509-323-2765 desk
1-509-993-0089 cell
1-509-323-2765 fax

Richard Gulling,Operations
1-509-323-2790 desk
1-509-323-2765 fax

Last Modified on October 11, 2021

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