Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Prevention-Intervention Services Program (SAPISP) is a comprehensive, integrated model of services that fosters safe school environments, promotes healthy childhood development and prevents alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse.
This program places Student Assistance Professionals in schools to provide Tier 1 universal prevention programs, and Tier 2 & 3 interventions and supports for students who are using or at-risk for using substances. The Student Assistance Program integrates perfectly into a multi-tiered system of support.

The Student Assistance Professional

  • Provides early alcohol and other drug prevention and intervention services to students and their families.
  •  Assists in referrals to treatment providers.
  • Strengthens the transition back to school for students who have had problems of alcohol and other drug abuse.


  • Screening for high-risk behaviors.
  • One-on-one and group intervention services.
  • Consultation for parents and staff.
  • Referrals to community services.
  • Case management with school team.
  • School-wide prevention activities.
  • Professional consultation services.
  • Informational workshops for parents, school staff, and community members.

Meet the Student Assistance Professionals

Beth MustardKim McAdams
Serving Selkirk School District
[email protected]
Skye AllenSkye Allen
Serving Glover Middle School
[email protected]
Kori NewbyCarina Gamez
Serving Tekoa School District
[email protected]
Brittany DuffyBrittany Duffy
Serving Rogers High School
[email protected]
Desi Westphal Staff PhotoCatheryn Logwood
Serving Reardan School District
[email protected]
Diane Harp Staff PhotoDiane Harp
Serving Oakesdale School District
[email protected]
Abby ShepherdAbigail Shepherd
Serving Salk Middle School
[email protected]
Teresa PopeTeresa Pope
Serving Wellpinit School District
[email protected]
Theresa MisnerTheresa Misner
Serving Republic School District
[email protected]
Leticia JuarezLeticia Juarez
Serving Cheney School District
[email protected]
Shannon GfellerShannon Gfeller
Serving Colfax School District
[email protected]
EWilsonErin Wilson
Serving Mary Walker School District
[email protected]
TPitsnogleTina Pitsnogle
Serving East Valley School District
[email protected]


MBrownMelinda Brown
SAP Supervisor
[email protected]
KloosKelly Loos
Program Assistant
[email protected]
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