Community Coalitions

Spokane County is home to five community coalitions that make up the Community Prevention & Wellness Initiative (CPWI). This community and school-based partnership was formed to deliver much needed prevention programs and strategies focused on reducing underage use of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and other drugs.

The goal of each coalition is to empower the communities that they serve through education and substance abuse prevention strategies that promote safe and healthy environments for individuals, families and neighborhoods. This is done by determining the root cause(s) of problem behaviors as well as addressing risk and protective factors for such behaviors in order to empower youth and their families to make positive and healthy choices resulting in a safe, drug-free environment. 

Each coalition strives to have at least eight active representatives from the following sectors:

  • Youth
  • Parents
  • Business Community
  • Media
  • Schools
  • Youth-serving organizations
  • Law enforcement
  • Religious or fraternal organizations
  • Civic and volunteer groups
  • Healthcare professionals
  • State or local government
  • Behavioral Health Treatment Services
  • Other organizations/groups involved in reducing/preventing substance abuse


Coalitions and Coalition Coordinators

East Valley Community Coalition

Kirsten Fuchs Staff PhotoKirsten Fuchs
East Valley Community Coalition Coordinator
[email protected] 

TALK 2 Healthy Choices Coalition

Jessica Deutsch Staff PhotoJessica Deutsch
Take Action and Link Kids (TALK) to Healthy Choices Coalition Coordinator
[email protected]

Northeast Support Team Coalition

LHolokaiLorraine Holokai
Northeast Support Team Coalition Coordinator
[email protected]


West Spokane Wellness Partnership Coalition

photoSarah McNew
West Spokane Wellness Partnership Coalition Coordinator
[email protected]

Shadle Prevention & Wellness Coalition

HOsborneHeather Osborne
Shadle Prevention & Wellness Coalition Coordinator
[email protected]


Colfax Community Coalition

HOsborneSara Golden
Colfax Community Coordinator
[email protected]


Wilbur-Creston Community Coalition

HOsborneBillie Wheeler
Wilbur-Creston Community Coordinator
[email protected]

Reardan-Edwall Communities Alliance for Prevention (RECAP) Coalition

DMattozziDarren Mattozzi
RECAP Coalition Coordinator
[email protected]

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