Threat Assessment

In partnership with mental health, law enforcement, and juvenile justice agencies, the Student Threat Assessment Program, administered by NEWESD 101, provides Student Threat Assessment services to school districts.

Leading the implementation of the Salem-Keizer threat assessment model is Leon Covington. Coming to NEWESD with a wealth of experience working with youth in a variety of capacities, Mr. Covington is available to provide training to school staff, act as a resource for level one threat assessments and will coordinate level two trainings. 

The risk management element of this work includes on-site reviews of school sites along with reviews of safety related protocols and procedures. Student mental health is a significant component and this program emphasizes the manner in which students receive school-based services.  Community involvement, comprised of mental health, juvenile justice, specialists, medical professionals and law enforcement, is vital in responding to the challenges of school safety. Such expertise, along with many more available resources, allows for better assessments of and opportunities for students.


NEWESD, and cooperative school districts, are grateful for a significant grant from Kaiser-Permanente to help get the threat assessment coordinator position established. Private grants from the Providence Health Care Foundation and the Empire Health Foundation were also awarded in order to begin this important work.


For more information, please contact:
Leon Covington
Threat Assessment Coordinator 
[email protected]

Jerrie Newport
Threat Assessment Coordinator 
[email protected]t


Jason McPherson

Threat Assessment Coordinator


[email protected]



Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive, multi-dimensional system dedicated to early detection, assessment and  management of threats and incidents that jeopardize the physical and psychological safety and well-being within the school setting.

People are saying...

"Being part of a community threat assessment team keeps me proactive in fulfilling my number one priority which is keeping kids safe and in school."

Jerrie Newport 
Threat Assessment Coordinator

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