Student Support Services

Our Commitment

The mission of the Center for Student Support Services is to strengthen schools and communities by preparing individuals for successful and healthy futures through education, skill building and community connections.

Our Work

To this end, the Center offers services, programs and resources to assist schools in assuring students come to school ready to learn and have a safe learning environment. Ultimately, the goal is to impart attitudes and skills that will provide a foundation for students' lifetime success.
The Center has enjoyed significant growth since early 2015. Expansion has come through a pair of competitive federal grants providing $5 million in new services.

Upcoming Events

For a list of upcoming events and trainings offered by NEWESD101, see our event catalogue on PDEnroller.



Brittany Campbell Staff PhotoBrittany Campbell
Director of Student Support
[email protected] 
Kelly Loos Staff PhotoKelly Loos
Program Assistant
[email protected]
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