Administrative Leadership Team

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
~ President John Quincy Adams, former U.S. President

picture of Rob Roettger

Mr. Robert Roettger
D 101 Superintendent
Phone: 509-789-3500
Email: [email protected]

Kassidy Probert
   Mr. Kassidy Probert
   Assistant Superintendent,
       Operations and Technical Services
    Phone: 509-789-3564
    Email: [email protected]

Picture of Darren Nelson
Mr. Darren Nelson 
Assistant Superintendent, 
Student Learning & Support Services
Phone: 509-789-3539
Email: [email protected]

Michelle Powers
Ms. Michelle Powers
Executive Director, 
Human Services
Phone: 509-789-3504
Email: [email protected]
Ms. Tracy Poindexter-Canton

Chief Officer, Communications and Grant Services
Phone: 509-789-3540
Email: [email protected]


Secretary, Board of Directors  —  Robert Roettger
ADA Officer  —  Michelle Powers
Affirmative Action Officer  —  Michelle Powers
AHERA Officer  —   Kassidy Probert
Certification Officer  —  Michelle Powers
Claims Agent  —  Robert Roettger
Contract Officer  —  Kassidy Probert
Copyright Officer  —  Tracy Poindexter-Canton
Personnel Officer  —  Michelle Powers
Public Disclosure Office   Robert Roettger and Tracy Poindexter-Canton
Safety/OSHA/WISHA Officer —  Kassidy Probert
SEPA Responsible Party —  Kassidy Probert
Title VII Officer —  Michelle Powers
Title IX Officer —  Michelle Powers
504 Officer    Darren Nelson

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