Skyward SMS / WSIPC Release Schedule


WSIPC requires three Saturdays during the school year for Skyward SMS database releases. The Saturday release window will begin at 12:01 AM and end by 9 PM.

During these downtimes, all Skyward SMS applications are unavailable; including: Student, Finance, Human Resources, Educator Access+, Family & Student Access, and Skyward mobile applications.

It is also critical that Finance/HR users DO NOT try to access Skyward SMS through the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) portal (PaC) until you are able to log into Skyward through the web interface.

WSIPC is not able to lock down the RDS environment during these downtime windows. If someone from your district is logged on during this timeframe, catastrophic data integrity issues may arise and WSIPC will then need additional downtime for your district in order to restore the Skyward database and re-install the updates. Links to all district databases may be found on our website at:

The NE Washington Information Service Center will be returned to production as soon as the release is complete, which oftentimes is prior to 9 PM. (If you can log into Skyward through the web interface, you are safe to access Skyward through RDS.)


2023-2024 School Year Downtime Days:

November 4, 2023
March 2, 2024
August 3, 2024

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