K-20 Video and Data Service

NEWESD 101's Regional Institutional Technical Unit (RITU) should be your first point of contact for K-20 Network problem identification (data and video). We provide support for the 59 districts and 4 libraries within our region through funding from OSPI and at no cost to the district.

Our RITU staff assist in assessing problems within a district as well as working with KOCO (K-20 Operations Co-operative) to determine if the problem is within the K-20 network, with local hardware or somewhere along the pipeline that brings connectivity to your district, and then we work with all the parties involved to find solutions to the issues.

Services include:

  • Problem isolation and resolution with the K-20 Network and related equipment
  • Monday through Friday, 8:00 - 4:00 help desk assistance for K-20 data and video
  • On-going monitoring of district bandwidth usage and errors
  • Arrangements and support for increasing bandwidth and equipment upgrades
  • Videoconference troubleshooting and training for district staff
  • One-on-oneKORRS(K-20 Online Resource Reservation System) training for scheduling videoconferences