Success Through Academic Connections (SAC) School

The Success Through Academic Connections (SAC) School program began in the fall of 1995 as an additional, more immediate, and less costly sentencing alternative option for juveniles who had committed crimes. There are three primary components to the program: electronic monitoring, day school and community service. Instruction is individualized for each student and a mastery level approach is used. Students are assessed upon entering the program and specific areas of strengths and improvements are identified. Students earn seat time hours which are then transferred to the appropriate districts for credit. The SAC program allows an option for identified youth who have no school placement within the juvenile court system. A primary objective is to successfully transition students back into the traditional school setting at the end of their court sentence. The school component is staffed by three teachers, a paraeducator, and an Education Advocate. The program offers a general education curriculum, GED prep. and a school-to-work curriculum. The SAC School operates 220 days a year.


  • Larry Gardner, Principal, [email protected], 509-477-2451
    Kathi Tribby-Moore, Lead Teacher, [email protected], 509-329-3700
    Elisa Vanhoff, Teacher, [email protected], 509-329-3700
    Cheryl Barkdull-Smith, Student Records, [email protected], 509-329-3970
    Gus Santos, Education Advocate, [email protected], 509-477-3976
    Lorie Mancinelli-Wilson, Special Ed. Teacher, [email protected], 509-325-3668
  • Morgan Grier, Health & Wellness Advocate, [email protected], 509-209-3107

    Office: 509-329-3700
    Fax: 509-327-9914
    Address: 824 N. Adams St., Spokane, WA 99260
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