GavelNEWASA (Northeast Washington Association of School Administrators) is a regional component of the statewide Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA). NEWASA's membership includes superintendents and other administrators in central office and building management positions. Members are enrolled from Adams, Ferry, Lincoln, Pend Oreille, Spokane, Stevens and Whitman counties.

NEWASA activities include monthly professional development at NEWESD 101 and an annual awards program recognizing community volunteers for their service to local schools.

Schedule: NEWASA general membership meetings in 2018-19 are scheduled on: September 20, October 18 and November 29, 2018; January 17, February 21, March 21, April 26 (awards luncheon) and May 16, 2019. Agendas are posted below, approximately one week before each meeting.

Written materials from past meetings also may be found below under "Presentations and Handouts."

NEWASANEWASA's 2018-19 leadership team includes:

President: Kyle Rydell, Liberty School District

President-elect: Rob Roettger, Cheney Public Schools

Past-president: Brian Talbott, Nine Mile Falls School District

Secretary-Treasurer: Michael Dunn, NEWESD 101

WASA Board representative: Kelly Shea, East Valley School District

NEWASA presidents:
Kyle Rydell, 2018-19.
Brian Talbott, 2017-18.

GavelGavelThe famous NEWASA gavel ... NEWASA’s ceremonial gavel dates to 1996-97 when Rich McBride, right, then superintendent of the Newport School District, served as association president.

McBride asked students in a Newport career and technical education class to create something distinctive he could pass on to future NEWASA presidents.

Their creation was a one-of-a-kind wood gavel measuring 22 inches long by eight inches high. The first official hand-off occurred in May 1997 when McBride presented the gavel to his presidential successor, Chewelah School District Superintendent Marcia (Costello) Fromhold.

The tradition has continued. Every May, the last item of business at the last meeting of the year is a ceremonial passing of the gavel between the outgoing and incoming presidents. Today, the gavel is engraved with the names of the last 21 NEWASA presidents. With room for an estimated 17 more names, the gavel is not expected to be retired until 2034, when the incoming president will be tasked with starting a new tradition – or constructing a new gavel.

For more information on NEWASA: (509) 789-3540