Beginning Educator Support Team (BEST)

Providing support for new teachers through comprehensive induction practices.

Comprehensive induction for novice educators is an issue of equity for their students. The ways administrators and colleagues lead new teachers into their districts, schools, and classrooms profoundly affect the learning of students in those beginning teachers’ classrooms. When we set up our novice teachers for success, we set up their students for success.

The BEST Program provides sustained and purposeful support to educators in the beginning of their careers. To promote this, we provide information, professional development, and resources for comprehensive induction programs for novice teachers. Our goals:

Reduce educator turnover.
Improve educator quality for student learning.
Ensure equity of learning opportunity for all students.


Professional Learning Opportunities


BEST Mentor Training

Mentor Academies and monthly roundtables are offered virtually to support Mentors. Find the current offerings on OSPI's website.

BEST Regional Mentor Roundtables 

Join other mentors for the NEWESD 101 Region to expand your mentoring skills

and share within a community of practice. 




BEST Induction Coordinator Meetings

Leads from districts within our consortium gather several times annually to share strategies and best practices for
creating successful induction programs.

Dates for 2024-2025 coming soon!


Induction Standards... Here is a link to the standards CLICK HERE

Definitions of participants...

First-Year Teacher: A new teacher with 179 days or fewer in a continuous, certificated teaching assignment in public or private schools anywhere in the United States. Teachers who have more than 179 days of substitute teacher experience are eligible for funding as a first-year teacher provided that this experience did not include a single continuous assignment as a certificated teacher for more than 179 days.

Second-Year Teacher: An individual with 180 days to 359 days of experience in a continuous, certificated teaching assignment as a certificated teacher in public or private schools anywhere in the United States.


NEWESD 101 BEST Grant participating districts...

Central Valley, Chewelah, Colfax, Colton, Columbia, Colville, Creston, East Valley, Endicott, Freeman, Inchelium, LaCrosse, Liberty, Mary Walker, Medical Lake,  Nine Mile Falls, Northport, Oakesdale, Odessa, Pullman, Reardan-Edwall, Republic, Riverside, Rosalia, Selkirk, St. John,  Tekoa, Valley, Wellpinit, West Valley. Wilbur



Mentor Tracking Sheet...

Use these documents to record the work happening between mentor and mentee.

Mentor Tracking Sheet for First Year Teachers

Mentor Tracking Sheet for Second Year Teachers




For more information about the NEWESD 101 BEST Consortium, please contact:

Erik Wolfrum
(509) 789-3551
[email protected]


Dianna Harrington
(509) 789-3605
[email protected]


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