Comprehensive School Safety

Emergency Operations Planning

·       Assistance with preparing for, responding to, and recovering from any emergency, disaster, or crisis. (BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER all hazards emergency planning using the emergency management cycle: Prevention, Preparation, Mitigation, Protection, Response, and Recovery)

  •         Emergency Operation Plans Include:
    1.      The Basic Plan (legal foundation)
    2.      Functional Annex (how to respond in an emergency)
    3.      Hazard Annex (specific responses designed for identified hazards - all hazards planning)
    4.      EOPs must be created with inclusivity in mind

  •        Standard Response Protocol: (A common language with shared
    expectations for schools, families, the community, and emergency responders.)
    1.      Secure & Teach
    2.      Lockdown
    3.      Evacuate
    4.      Shelter
    5.      Earthquake
    6.      Active Assailant

  •          Reunification Assistance

  •          Training & Exercise Assistance

HIB+Hazing Compliance Officer Training and Bullying Prevention for schools and districts (includes adjusted RCWs, updated definitions, and helpful resources)

School Safety Staff Training Program  

13 topics to support the professional development of School Safety Staff, to include Law Enforcement Partners, Classified School Staff, and contracted private security firms. This program was developed using a state-wide focus group to provide a consistent and coordinated approach to developing the most effective, well-rounded, and supportive School Safety Staff able to proactively build relationships with Students, staff, and families.

Comprehensive School Safety Site Assessments with ESD Safety Team

      Site walk through to assess any immediate safety issues, plan for future site physical safety adjustments or upgrades and receive recommendations for improvements.



Dan Corder
Comprehensive School Safety Specialist

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