Unemployment Cooperative

Through this cooperative arrangement, 50 public school districts and NEWESD 101 receive professional, cost-effective informational and claims management services.; Claims management is handled through a third party administrator with accounting and reporting handled by NEWESD 101 staff.; Approximately 7,500 employees within the region are covered under this efficient model.

NEWESD 101 Contact:
Director - Business Services
Phone: 509-789-3743
Fax: 509-456-2999

Maximum Taxable Wages

NEWESD 101 Quarterly; Filing Instructions

NEWESD 101 Quarterly Form

Reasonable Assurance Information

Equifax Workforce Solutions - Who Are We?

For general unemployment information and questions for Washington State Unemployment, visit www.esd.wa.gov for unemployment info and tips

We welcome your input on Equifax services, so please take a moment to fill out the Equifax survey and forward it to [email protected] .
Thank you.



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