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Regional Knowledge Bowl is a high school academic competition sponsored by NEWESD 101 and hosted by Whitworth University.

2023 Regional Tournament Date and Location: TBD   

NEWESD 101 will continue to follow CDC, Whitworth University and NEWESD guidelines and policies. Please note the following…

Masks: We ask that everyone follow the CDC guidelines and NEWESD policy and recommendations at the time of the event for wearing masks while indoors. Currently, all persons involved are required to wear masks while indoors.

Sanitizing: NEWESD 101 will provide sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer for each room.

Social Distancing: We encourage following the current social distancing guidelines as well as keeping spectators to a minimum.

Registration Deadline: TBD

Registration form: No longer available until 2023 competition.

2022 State Tournament Date and Location: Wenatchee HS for the large schools (4A, 3A, and 2A) scheduled for March 19, 2022. Carmichael MS (Richland) for the small schools (1B, 2B, and 1A) also scheduled for March 19, 2022. Updates can be found at WA KB.


March 4, 2022

Competitors were presented oral and written questions drawn from secondary curriculum areas including math, science, history, language, literature, music and geography. Current events and topics of general interest also were included in the five-round competition.

To compete at state, each team had to first qualify in a regional competition sponsored by NEWESD 101 and hosted by Whitworth University's Center for Gifted Education and Professional Development. The regional event drew a field of 27 teams this year.

Regional competition was held at Whitworth University on March 4.

Top finishers in the 2022 regional competition, all qualifying for the state finals, in order, are: 1B: Valley Christian (1st at state), Wilbur-Creston (2nd at state), and St. John - Endicott 2B: Saint George's (3rd at state), Liberty (9th at state), and Jenkins (Chewelah) 1A: Freeman (7th at state) and Deer Park (5th at state2A: Pullman (6th at state) and West Valley 3A: Ridgeline (8th at state4A:  Lewis & Clark ( 4th at state).

Regional placement for 2020 and receiving trophies and/or ribbons were: 1st Lewis & Clark 2nd Gonzaga Prep, 3rd Saint George's, 4th Valley Christian,  5th Pullman, 6th University, 7th Ridgeline, 8th Freeman 9th Medical Lake.


During the 1982-83 school year, NorthEast Washington Educational Service District 101 and the Washington Association of School Principals initiated the Knowledge Bowl. This activity is an interdisciplinary academic contest in which teams of students compete on the basis of their ability to recall information related to practically any and all areas of learning typical of secondary educational programs.

Who Participates?
Four members and two alternates per team; one team per high school. The alternates may replace two of the team members after twenty-five questions in a round.

What is the Cost to High Schools?
Travel to the Regional Knowledge Bowl Tournament in Spokane

A registration fee for Regional Tournament of $220 per team. (At this time there is no charge for "JV" or "extra" teams. Extra teams are not eligible to qualify for state.)

Travel to the state tournament in March, if school qualifies.

How are Students Selected?
Each school selects team members using whatever criteria they think are significant. Sometimes team members are National Merit winners, other times they have high GPA's, and some are simply selected by teachers using subjective criteria. Since speed or answering are important, schools have found it beneficial for students to be aggressive, to risk wrong answers, and to be upper-grade students.

How are Regional Winners Determined?
Teams are placed within one of four divisions based upon their WIAA classification and date of registration. Each division will consist of nine teams who will compete against each other in four oral rounds and one written round. Divisions 1 and 2 will be for B teams. Division 3 will be for A and 2A teams. Division 4 for 3A and 4A teams. At the end of five rounds the winners of 1 and 2, the top team of A, 2A, 3A and 4A teams plus the next 3 highest scores regardless of WIAA classification will form the entrants into round 6.

Round seven will have the first place teams in round 6 competing for the top three spots, second place teams for spots four through six and third place teams for spots seven through nine. Trophies will be given to each team in positions one through nine.

Who Goes to State?
State representatives will be determined by the total scores achieved at the end of the first five rounds. Representing NEWESD 101 at state this year will be determined after regional competition.

How Do Students Practice?
Since questions are new and from many different sources, it is not really possible to actually study for the contest. However, it is beneficial to provide your students with practice sessions in which they get used to responding to questions quickly, as well as becoming familiar with the timing equipment. Practice interschool competition can be held as coordinated by local schools.

Oral Rounds
Each oral round consists of fifty questions. Knowledge Bowl reader/judges will read the questions aloud. Team members may discuss among themselves who is going to answer each question, and they may discuss the question itself. Participants may attempt to answer questions before they are completed. In the event of an incorrect answer, no penalties are assessed. The remaining teams simply have a chance to answer. Once a team member signals for an answer, he/she will have a maximum of 15 seconds to answer.

Written Round
Four team members plus two alternates may participate in the written round. The written round is of the multiple-choice variety and consists of fifty questions. Team members may consult with one another on all items. Items are all objective questions. One point for each correct item is awarded. The time limit is 35 minutes.

How Are Ties Broken?
If three teams are tied after five rounds, another round of fifteen questions will be used to break the tie. If two teams are tied, a round of ten questions will be used. If a tie still exists, the team with the higher written round will be awarded the win.

Electronic judging devices are used to determine which team has the right to answer first and to determine the allowed 15-second response time. In the event of a disputed question, the decision to accept the challenge is made by the reader/judge and is final. If the reader/judge accepts the challenge, a challenge form must be completed  immediately following the round of the disputed question and given to an ESD employee with the score sheet for the round. The challenge will be reviewed and the decision will be posted outside the door of the ESD team.

One point is awarded for each correct answer. Points will be accumulated throughout five rounds.

Knowledge Bowl Equipment

Quiz Equipment LLC
Attn: Steve Kirkman
736 Ashley Drive
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(248) 398-1161
[email protected]

V & V Systems                                                
Attn: Mike Verstegen
10024 NE 13th St 
Bellevue, WA 98004-3517            
 (425) 868-9600
[email protected]

Knowledge Bowl Questions


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Erik Wolfrum, Director
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Kimberly Runkel, Knowledge Bowl Coordinator
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Maegan Gomes, Knowledge Bowl Coordinator
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