Students & Legislators meet with NEWASA

Students & Legislators meet with NEWASA
Posted on 12/17/2020
NEWESD 101 welcomed the voices of local students and state legislators during the Northeast Washington Association of School Administrators (NEWASA) meeting on December 3.

Several Black Student Union (BSU) students from Spokane high schools and middle schools shared their experiences with racism and inequity at school with nearly 100 local administrators. Shon Davis, local pastor, community leader and diversion specialist for Spokane Public Schools facilitated the courageous conversation.

Described by Davis as a “powerful call to be heard,” the students’ accounts will aid administrators in building a greater awareness of the racial disparities existing in their schools and taking action for systemic change.

Congruent with NEWESD’s enactment of equitable and anti-racist practices, policies and programs, NEWASA members have committed to a yearlong, collective book study of Robin DiAngelo’s best-seller, “White Fragility.” The group is working to further their understanding of DiAngelo’s work through group reflection, data analysis and engaging in powerful dialogue with guest speakers from the local community.

Additionally, State Sen. Andy Billig, 3rd District-Spokane and Reps. Jenny Graham, 6th District-Spokane; Bob McCaslin, 4th District-Spokane Valley; Jacquelin Maycumber, 7th District-Republic; and Timm Ormsby, 3rd District-Spokane met with NEWASA in the afternoon to discuss 2021 legislative issues and priorities.

The K-12 budget, mid-year reductions, mandates, flexibility, technology/connectivity and bargaining were short-term needs NEWASA urged legislatures to consider while keeping in mind staff allocations, education resources and capital facilities as long-term needs.

Photos: top row, Pastor Shon Davis with local students; middle row from left, State Sen. Andy Billig, Reps. Jenny Graham and Bob McCaslin; bottom row from left, Reps. Jacquelin Maycumber and Timm Ormsby. 

Item posted: December 17, 2020
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