Colfax aids in Covid-19 fight

Colfax School District aids in Covid-19 fight
Posted on 04/23/2020
What do you get when you combine a committed citizen, a school district, a library and a university ... pure magicChristian Hille, an engineer for the McGregor Company in Colfax, was not inclined to sit idly by when news reports detailed the shortage of personal protective equipment in hospitals and senior living centers around the country.

With the Covid-19 pandemic quickly depleting supplies, he decided to do something about it. He began making face shields and masks.

With an assist from the Colfax School District and the Whitman County Library, which provided use of their 3-D printers, Hille delivered 21 face shields this week to the Community Pride Senior Living Center in St. John.

And that was just the beginning. He is now using the printers to produced face masks. Using a design from the University of Idaho, he is now producing face masks, in three sizes, to be delivered to the Whitman Hospital and Medical Center in Colfax.

Kudos to Christian, the Colfax School District, the Whitman County Library and the University of Idaho for a splendid display of teamwork bringing potentially life-saving benefit to our region.

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Item posted: April 23, 2020
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