Northeast Washington STEM Resource Center (NEWSRC)


newsrcIn response to the evolving needs and dynamic demands of educators across the NEWESD 101 region, we are thrilled to unveil the Northeast Washington STEM Resource Center, or NEWSRC for short. This exciting rebranding initiative signifies our unwavering commitment to empower every district, school, and community by offering tailored STEM resources that cater to their unique requirements.

While our roots lie in the provision of science kits through our cooperative program, NEWSRC has now expanded its horizons. We recognize that the educational landscape is as diverse as the students it serves. Therefore, we are proud to announce our comprehensive materials support services, extending beyond science kits to encompass a wide array of subjects.

NEWSRC has transformed into a dynamic hub for cutting-edge educational solutions. We understand that the future of learning encompasses more than traditional textbooks and experiments. That’s why we are excited to introduce integration and support of a variety of specialty options, including Game-Based Learning, ChatGPT, robotics, coding, and much more.


  • Science Kit Cooperative 2023-2024
  • Makerspace Packs 2023-2024
  • Materials Support/School Owned Kits 2023-2024

  • For More Information

    Beth Worthy, NEWSRC Manager
    (509) 789-3525 | [email protected] 
    Erik Wolfrum, Director
    (509) 789-3551 | [email protected] 
     Michelle Grove, Elementary Regional Science Coordinator
    (509) 789-3757 | [email protected]
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