Computer Science

The NEWESD 101 Computer Science department has a focus on integrating computer science standards into all classroom subjects. Kids learn powerful concepts including planning and collaboration, problems solving, and programming, all while having fun!

Support we have provided recently include: coming out to districts around our region and working with teachers in their classroom, co-taught lessons with their students, co-hosted STEAM night events, running Lego Robotics teams, and after-school extracurricular clubs, etc.

Areas we have recently offered support in:
  • Ozobot
  • Sphero
  • Minecraft Edu
  • LEGO (EV3, Mindstorm, WeDo)
  • Scratch
  • Little Bits
  • Makey, Makey
  • And more!

Visit PdEnroller to see our Computer Science online offerings.

Tammie Schrader, Computer Science Coordinator
[email protected] / (509) 323-2725
  • Ozobot Certified Trainer
  • CS Adjust Instructor
  • CTE
  • CS Fundamentals Trainer -

Beth Worthy, Computer Science Specialist
[email protected] / (509) 789-3525
  • Ozobot Certified Trainer
  • Sphero Lead Educator
  • Lego Robotics Coach
  • Extracurricular Technology Coach

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