Reopening Guidelines

As of June 30th, 2021 the state guidelines have been updated to reflect reopening for businesses. However, as Washington remains under a declared state of emergency due to COVID-19, the Talbott Event Center retains certain restrictions for health and safety.

Current Restrictions:

  1. Each individual must complete a health attestation the day of the event or meeting. 
  2. Appropriate face masks are required to be worn by all unvaccinated individuals, both in common areas and meeting spaces at all times. Fully vaccinated individuals are not  required to wear a face mask. The event center is able to check vaccination cards for events if and only if requested by the event host at the time of the reservation and confirmed by the event center coordinator in advance. In all other instances, mask requirements will be followed via self attestation. 
  3. As high risk individuals can request accommodation under the Health Emergency Labor Standards Act (HELSA), event organizers are encouraged to check with their attendees prior to reserving space if Zoom or hybrid meeting space will be required.
  4. Coffee and water service remains per request only, due to limited demand. 

No Longer Required:

  1. No restrictions remain on capacity. Rooms can be reserved for full seated or standing capacity.
  2. No physical distancing requirements. Socially distant seating will only be guaranteed if it has been specifically requested.
  3. No sign-in sheet or pre-registration requirements.
  4. No food service restrictions, other than those present in the standard operating procedure and contract for outside vendors and/or alcoholic beverages. 

In addition, the Talbott Event Center Staff will continue to:

  1. Ensure each meeting room is properly cleaned/sanitized between uses. 1 ½ hours is required in between each group per room utilized. (Ex. Spokane/Whitman would require 3 hours in between groups for proper cleaning)
  2. Provide sufficient hand sanitizing stations.