Virtual Threat Assessment Conference (VTAC)

Spring Virtual Threat Assessment Conference (VTAC)
Posted on 04/27/2021
From April 14-15, NEWESD 101's Student Threat Assessment Program invited regional school district staff and community members, including local law enforcement, mental health and juvenile justice partners, to the Talbott Event Center to attend the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) Spring Virtual Threat Assessment Conference (VTAC).

NEWESD 101 attendees, along with more than 1,000 virtual participants across the country, listened to presenters from the Los Angeles County Police Department Threat Management Unit, L.A. County mental health department, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and Harvard Medical School about research, techniques and collaborative efforts for addressing mass attacks, monitoring social media, school violence, pre-warning behaviors and planned targeted attacks.

"The conference provided the type of [action] necessary to intervene with students who are on the path to violence," said Leon Covington, NEWESD 101 threat assessment coordinator.

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Item posted: April 27, 2021