School Administrator Openings - Updated March 22

School Administrator Openings - Updated March 22
Posted on 03/29/2021
Chewelah School District - Superintendent position 
Located in Stevens County about 45 miles northwest of Spokane, Chewelah is a rural school district currently enrolling approximately 683 students in grades PreK-12. Application brochure; Deadline: March 29

Deer Park School District - Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services/Human Resources position 
Located about 22 miles north of Spokane, Deer Park School District currently enrolls 2,514 students in grade PreK-12. Application brochure; Deadline: April 5

Onion Creek School District
- Superintendent/Principal position 

Located rurally about 100 miles north of Spokane, the Onion Creek School District serves nearly 40 students in grades K-8 in three multiage classrooms. Application brochure; Deadline: April 1

Item posted: March 22, 2021
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