NEWESD Benefits

NEWESD 101 offers a competitive benefits package to employees who work half-time or more. These benefits are administered by the Washington State Health Care Authority/Public Employee Benefits Board.

Medical: Choice of six medical plans. Employee cost is dependent upon which plan is chosen and which family members are covered.

Dental: Choice of three dental plans. Dental insurance is a mandatory benefit and is free to the employee and family.

Life Insurance: Basic life insurance in the amount of $35,000 is mandatory and is free to the employee. Additional/optional life insurance can be purchased at an additional cost for the employee and family.

Long-term Disability Insurance:  Basic long-term disability insurance is mandatory and is free to the employee. Additional long-term disability can purchased at an additional cost.

There is a menu of optional benefits offered through American Fidelity Assurance Company. These optional benefits include:

Short-term disability
Long-term disability
Long-term care
Cancer insurance
Accident insurance
Flexible spending account
Dependent care reimbursement account

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