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Fall 2020 Focus

      Focus on education is a regional education newsletter (circulation: 9,200),  
      published throughout the year.

      It contains news and features about the people and programs in the NEWESD 101
      service area. Story ideas from local districts are always welcome. Please contact
      Tracy Poindexter-Canton at (509) 789-3540 or [email protected].

Summer 2022 Focus

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Supporting Excellence

About NEWESD 101

A brochure highlighting our history, mission, goals and leadership. 


Overview, 2021-22

A brochure detailing demographics of the NEWESD 101 region, services offered and districts served.




Quick facts, 2021-22  

A one-page fact sheet about NEWESD 101 (pdf)


Northeast Washington Education Council (NEWEC), 2021-22

A brochure highlighting the services of the Northeast Washington 
Education Council, a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization affiliated with NEWESD 101.

2021-22 brochure (pdf)

Pledge form (fillable pdf)



Publications for local districts

PublicationsLIberty Publication EV Summer 18

In addition to its own publications, NEWESD produces newsletters, levy and bond materials, fact sheets and other specialty publications for local districts.

NEWESD 101 services include writing, photography and graphic design. Read more



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Tracy Poindexter-Canton
Chief Officer, Communications and Grant Services
(509) 789-3540
[email protected]

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