Moving North

NEWESD 101 is in the home stretch of its construction project 

NEWESD's second event center will add almost 7,000 square feet of meeting space at NEWESD, and is being designed by Design West Architects/Pullman office.

The larger space, which can accommodate approximately 250 people in theater style seating, will be dividable into four different meeting spaces to provide multiple options and spaces for different, but concurrent, meetings. The larger space, and its subsets, will be equipped with state of the art technology and sound systems.

The new center will adjoin the current conference center via covered walkway; will be ADA accessible; and is designed to better allow for a variety of user-friendly catering options. Importantly, adequate restroom facilities and informal gathering space is incorporated in its design. See photos of construction progress:

 Week 1 Week 13  Week 33
 Week 2 Week 14 Week 34 
 Week 3 Weeks 15-16 Dec. 10 
 Week 4 Weeks 17-18  
 Week 5 Weeks 19-20  
 Week 6 Week 21   
 Week 7 Week 22
 Week 8 Weeks 23-24  
 Week 9 Weeks 25-26   
 Week 10 Weeks 27-28   
 Week 11 Weeks 29-30   
 Week 12  Weeks 31-32   

Conceptual Rendering of Talbott Event Center:
Conceptual Rendering of Talbott Event Center