Regional Art Show 2022

2022 NEWESD Regional High School Visual Art Show

Let's celebrate the talent of our public, private and charter schools in the NEWESD region!

NEWESD 101 Regional High School Art Show Recognition Ceremony

Image with several pieces of artwork


List of winners (click here)

View the virtual awards ceremony here.


Students' selection for numerous awards will be announced during this virtual presentation. First place winners (from public schools) will move onto the state competition in Olympia. Regionally, Superintendent Michael Dunn, NEWESD Board members and staff will select pieces to be displayed in the NEWESD facilities. Avista Utilities will provide monetary awards to classrooms and Central Washington University will award student scholarships to enroll in the university's art program.

To view student detail for each piece, click on the image. Enjoy the show!

2-Dimensional Works

Yakitori - digital image of two people hugging at dinnerFrom the Heart - digital image of a boy Self Reflection - drawing of a young girl inside the palm of a handUntitled - CM - digital image of a woman creature
Come Along - drawing of a woman-goat creatureNature Fantasy - graphic art of a forestFall light - drawing of a water fallA Drow Priestess - a digit image of a creatureApocalypse - Digital image of a warrior

The Crystal Catacombs - drawingPeace of Mind - drawing of a womenStress with the mind, body and soul - abstract drawing of a personIris - Drawing of an eye.  Curiosity - drawing of a cat
Faith - oil painting of womanThe Comfort Food - Drawing of breakfast plate with eggs and sausageThe Singer - graphite drawing of a woman Keep Writing, Keep Growing - drawing of some books
Carmine - oil on canvas of a young ladyMyna Birds - drawing of two birdsBlindly Consumed - abstract image of several peopleLavender and the Beast - drawing of a creature 
Pride and Unity - image of two hands and two lips kissingSigns of Life - drawing of a gold fish I'm a fan - drawing of a boy with a bund of fansI am Here - drawing of a woman holding a globe
No Vacancies - watercolor of yellow houses on pink hillsThe Huntress - drawing of a woman on a horse with a bow and arrowNew Job Same Title - Mixed mediaGiraffe Study - Acrylic drawing on canvas 
Sunflower Field - drawing of large sunflowers in front of a housePuddles - picture of a person playing in puddlesThe Octopus and the MountainReflection II - Drawing of an eye. 
Petroleum Jelly - woman floating on an air mattressWonderboy - drawing of a boy in spaceNew Beginnings - drawing of women's headCabin Reading - drawing of a cabinGirl in the Lupine Field - drawing of a girl in a dress in a field 
fallen - LL - abstract drawing with an image and eyesUnseen - picture of boy driving a carCathedral - acrylic drawing of a churchUntitled - AH - drawing of a lake Ophelia - drawing of a girl under water
Fall of Lucifer - drawing of Lucifer falling from the skySee - drawing of a tree with roots under water Floating - a woman floating in the waterBeauty Galore - drawing of a woman
Dreary Mountains - picture of a nature seenI Remember - drawing of a woman' body Talking Colors - abstract drawing of a mouth surrounded by colors Parker the Dog - drawing of a dogBeautiful Imperfections - drawing of a woman's body
Muffin - drawing of a cat next to a bagThe Lavender Lady - drawing of a woman Life After Death - a skull with a castle built insideShipwreck - a drawing of a old shipwreckShady Baby - drawing of a baby in a stroller with sun glasses on
 Little windows - image of little colored squaresMy Mind - drawing of images in a person's mindMount SAC - drawing of to girlsPaws-Ed - drawing of a wolfThe Eyeball - an eyeball on top of a glass next to a jar
Columbia Gorge - Drawing of the Columbia Gorge Viaje - drawing of mushroomsBrittle - drawing of a head with the top broken offEpiphany - drawing of a ray coming from the sky
Drowning - image of person in a room surrounded by thoughtsJoji - graphite drawing of a man Wooden Flame - drawing of a matchDystopia - drawing of a man on the beachPieces of Color - drawing of a woman with many colors
Collide - drawing of woman's face and four masksChris Cornell - drawing of Chris CornellAspiration - drawing of a boy thinking about being in space My View of the Galaxy - drawing for planetsNew Life Ahead - a woman's face with flowers and butterflies
Yin and Yang - drawing of one black cate and one white cat The Price of Greed - drawing of a man with a crown and blood1 World 1 People - drawing of a person over the worldThoughts - drawing of a girl with fish coming out of her head
Reaching Out - drawing of hands reaching up with mushrooms growingApatura Pity - person wrapped like a mummy with butterflies coming out Water Falls and so do I - three panel drawingYounger Brother - pencil drawing of boy
 Coffee RunsKate's Dragonfly - drawing of a dragonflyThe Lightning After the Storm - drawing of a person xray when struck by lightningArt Heals - drawing of a hand holding a pencieForager
endless time - drawing of a person in front of a windowFallen - AF - person falling from the sky Dragon's Lair - drawing of a dragonThe wingless faceless fairy - drawingToadstool Meadow - drawingEmbark by T HepplerJourney - person wearing a sheetDisassociation - pencil drawing of someone looking in the mirrorBeaded Trees
The Fundraiser - a girl drawing a mural A Spooky House - drawing of a scary roomHealed in Washington
Alive Again - drawing of a building inside a dragon's mouth Nature Returns to Seattle - drawing of Seattle CenterUntitled - AO - drawing of eye in the middle of a roomYour Guardian Angel - drawing of an angel

3-Dimensional Works

Escape - A shadow box with trees and people Heteronomy - sculpture of a woman's bodyHanahaki Disease - sculptured face on a drawingStages - a sculpture of a skull partially missing
Untitled - EJ - a sculptured mask with eyes and mouthsThe Moments that Count - a drawing of a women framed in a shadow box Hot Topic - sculpture of a match box, a candle  and a matchLurin - Clay maskDark Honeycomb - quilt with multi-color patternsInnocent Rumination - Stained glass of a young girl in a gardenBread - sculpture of a small creatureFortunate Accident - three clay potsMonster Cup - a clay cup with teeth on the rim




 Flourishing in Washington - picture of a fieldSchone Frau - picture of a young lady on the streetA Moment Trapped in Time - picture of a shellReflection - picture of a boy looking in a mirror
Paint the Sky - photo of sunset over the mountainsHopeful Reach - photo of football player catching ball Time is Money - picture of a pocket watch with moneyCandy Crush - young lady eating candy
The Gaze - picture of an owl staringRoad to Success - Man on a pathA Walk on the Beach - picture of a jelly fish on the beach 
Light Shines Through - picture of a boy against a fence with the sun shining throughMonroe Street Bridge - digital image of Monroe Street BridgeThe True Beauty of Northport - picture of a sunset 
 E - picture of an object with light bulbsUp - picture looking up the trunk of a treeThe Blue String - picture of tools
 Through the Wild - drawing of a wilderness pictureAdventures with Billy - picture of a dog