Workforce Education Expands

By Steve Witter

Earlier this year, when the Legislature approved legislation expanding workforce education in the state, NEWESD 101 did not have to look far for a candidate to make it happen.

Approximately 170 miles to the west, in Wenatchee, a familiar face was found. Dennis Conger, former director of Spokane’s NEWTech Skill Center, was working as director of career and technical education for the Wenatchee School District.

For Conger, the legislation presented an opportunity to continue the work he loved, but on a larger, regional scale. He has returned to Spokane, where he now assists districts in both the northeast and north central regions of the state. 

As director of Career Connected Learning-Career and Technical Education, he works with districts in implementing the new initiative, which includes career-launch provisions and guided pathways to assist students in choosing and entering career paths. The legislation provides more robust student support services, including advising and counseling.

For more information or assistance, Dennis can be reached at (509) 323-2726 or