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Cheney High School

Cheney High School Video Panels

As Cheney High School prepared for a major bond project with our school, the topic of displaying student work came up. In looking for a place to put display cases, we discovered that most display cases we currently had were updated only once a year, if that, and none of the information was current or relevant. Understanding what we currently had, we wanted to look to improve our student outreach with something that could be managed easily as well as something that was dynamic and flexible.

After doing some research, we found a company whose product allowed us to affordably create a video wall. Their product is easy to use, allows for global as well as individual screen access and was very flexible in how screens were used. In looking over their product, we felt this approach would be more powerful to students than a display case and the overwhelming size of the project would ensure student attention to the messages we were wanting to send.

This video wall has 9 panels, and the panels can be managed as one system, or they can all be managed individually. For the bulk of the time, each program area will have access to their own panel to show program items: CTSO Pictures, Classroom Projects, Students of the Month, etc. The CTE Department will have access to 3 panels to show CTE Promotional information about upcoming events, career opportunities and Department wide information.

Occasionally throughout the year, there will be the opportunity to display information for the whole school or to highlight outstanding accomplishments. So if we have national qualifiers, we can put their picture up to cover the whole screen or if we want to highlight information for CTE Week, we can take over the whole 9 panel TV for that information.

The great thing about this is that however we decide to use it, this display will be dynamic, flexible, and up to date. It was an investment for our department, but its ease of management will make it a much better option for our teachers and our students.


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