• kids using tablets Connecting Technology
    to Instruction

    Thursday, March 9, 2017 • 9am-3pm
    NEWESD 101 Conference Center

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    Registration fee is $150/person
    Up to 5.5 Clock Hours will be available.
    Learn how to use tech-based tools to inspire student creativity, promote skill development, offer individualized instruction, and support classroom learning. At this daylong event, offered cooperatively by NEWESD’s Teaching & Learning, Early Childhood Services, Prevention Services, Special Education Services and Technology & Design Services educators, you’ll explore how to connect technology to instructional practices. From science and mathematics to literacy and student choice, you’ll have opportunities for hands-on exploration of tools and instructional practices that bring learning to life. Current session topics include using:
    • Newsela to support nonfiction reading and writing;
    • Twine for creative storytelling;
    • Polling tools for data collection;
    • Student-generated documentary videos;
    • Snap-Read to enhance accessibility
    • Educreations for student-designed mini-lessons;
    • Animoto to support sense-making in science;
    • Mobile apps to inspire creativity and exploration; and
    • Makerspace stations to promote skill development.
    Join us for a day of conversation, exploration, and inspiration.