• Center for Prevention Programs

    Prevention Our commitment: The mission of the Center for Prevention Programs is to strengthen schools and communities by preparing individuals for successful and healthy futures through education, skill building and community connections.

    Our work: To this end, the Center offers services, programs and resources to assist schools in assuring students come to school ready to learn and have a safe learning environment. Ultimately, the goal is to impart attitudes and skills that will provide a foundation for students' lifetime success.

    Mental Health therapists The Center has enjoyed significant growth since early 2015. Expansion has come through a pair of competitive federal grants providing $5 million in new services.
    With the two awards, NEWESD 101 has expanded elementary counseling services and, for the first time, deployed licensed mental health therapists (photo, left) in a consortium of regional districts. See story
    Specific programs offered by the Center include:
    This initiative places Student Assistance Specialists (SASs) in schools to implement comprehensive programs to address substance abuse issues that impact individual students, peer culture and the school climate.


    Student assistance educational advocates work with students in middle schools and high schools to increase academic performance and school engagement. Project goals include increasing credits earned, improving grades earned and assisting students in achieving high school graduation. The program also supports students, as appropriate, in earning a GED and pursuing vocational training and employment.
    School-based mental health therapists are deployed in a consortium of 15 high-need schools. Students receive continuous mental health counseling, referrals and educational services. In addition, school staff in recipient schools receive PBIS, complex trauma, ASCA and other training.
    Elementary school counselors are deployed in seven rural schools in Lincoln and Whitman counties. Counselors work with other school stakeholders -- including teachers, administrators, and families -- in developing comprehensive services and early warning systems to identify struggling students.
    When emergencies or crises occur in local schools, NEWESD 101’s Regional Crisis Response Team is available to provide immediate, caring support for students and staff alike. Professionals are available to help set up emergency protocols through the first steps of crisis management and with strategic planning.
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