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    WASWUG Fall 2018

    Did you Know?

    Browse Filters
    Did you know that you can view and manage the filters on all the browse screens you've accessed in one place? Click on Account next to your name in the upper right corner of any screen, and then click Browse Filters.
    Activity Requirements
    Did you know you can configure the Activity Requirements feature to sync the Met status across multiple activities for a student if it applies to all of them? That means you don't have to mark the Physical as complete for each sport that the student plays.
    Course Description Change in High School and Beyond
    After researching short and long course descriptions and their use in the High School and Beyond four-year course plan, the decision has been made to use the short version.

    Critical Issue & Contact Information

    Tim Colliver, Director
    Office: (509) 789-3584
    Cell: (509) 999-7183
    NE Washington Information Service Center