• Center for Teaching and Learning:
     Computer Science
    ISTE 2017
    Integrating Game-Based Methods to Teach Computer Science
    Tammie Schrader, Dianna Harrington and Beth Worthy
    NEWESD 101, in partnership with Code.org is offering the following workshops at no cost:

    Computer Science in Science
    Computer Science in Algebra         
    For more information, contact Tammie Schrader at tschrader@esd101.net 

    This two-day workshop will prepare middle school teachers to implement Code.org’s CS in Algebra within their schools, both in algebra and math enrichment courses. 

    By shifting classwork from abstract pencil-and-paper problems to a series of relevant programming problems, Code.org CS in Algebra demonstrates how algebra applies in the real world, using an exciting, hands-on approach to create something cool. Teachers will learn how to navigate the Code.org platform, and utilize coding to enrich algebra education.  

    In Partnership with Code.org