COVID-19 Dashboard


  • Schools and Districts should submit data each Monday
  • NEWESD101’s dashboard will be updated weekly to reflect data submissions
  • Submit your most recent numbers as of each Monday, tracking current case data spanning the previous two weeks. For example: on 9/27 submit the total individuals in each category from the date range of 9/13 - 9/27, on 10/4 submit the total individuals in each category from the date range of 9/20 - 10/4.
  • Count each individual only once for each date range they are included in to reflect the most current data. For example: If an individual is quarantined both weeks of the date range, count them once. If an individual’s quarantine spans across multiple date ranges, count them again in the new date range to reflect that their situation is ongoing.
  • Data will display on NEWESD101’s dashboard exactly as it has been submitted, with any number less than five displaying as < 5


  • If you have questions about how to report staff who have regular contact with multiple locations, contact Amy Lutz at [email protected]
  • If you would like your dashboard listed on NEWESD101’s site, contact Cris Hylton at [email protected]

Submit Data Here

Individual Dashboards

In addition to the information above, some districts and schools maintain individual dashboards with more detailed breakdowns. The following data is not coordinated by NEWESD101:

Click here to access Learn to Return, a site that provides COVID-19 testing program resources for schools.