CTE Best Practices

October CTE Best Practice: Selkirk High School Waste Water Management ProgramSelkirk Waste Water Management Students

Work based learning at it’s finest. The classroom instruction and the WBL component provide a required service to the school district and the communities surrounding it. The students do real life water testing for the school district, the communities of Ione, Metaline, and Metaline Falls, as well as businesses in the area. The water quality of the entire larger community depends on these students work. Many students have gone on to making this a meaningful career.

"This class made me interested and want to get into the waste water field. The class helped me get a job at the City of Newport.”
Bryce Seaney, Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator, City of Newport.

Course Description: This course is unique in that the major emphasis is on wastewater treatment plant operations and laboratory procedures. You will learn about the operation of the high school extended aeration treatment plant. The Selkirk Environmental Laboratory does wastewater testing for Metaline, Metaline Falls and Ione as well as performing drinking water analysis for local companies and residents. You will learn basic laboratory procedures and safety procedures associated with the course topics.

Course topics and features will include:

  • Wastewater characteristics, terms, regulations
  • Headworks, grit removal, flow measurement, screening, primary treatment
  • Activated sludge, biological processes, nutrient removal
  • Membrane bioreactors (MBRs)
  • Effluent disinfection, chlorine, UV
  • Bio-solids treatment, aerobic and anaerobic digestion
  • Treatment costs: capital, operating, and maintenance
  • Comparison of industrial and municipal treatment
  • Treatment plant operations and management

September CTE Best Practice: NEWTechNEWTech Logo

CTE allows young people to explore, prepare for, and launch into careers of purpose and impact. Apprenticeship pays you while you learn. Thank you NEWTECH for providing a great pathway into multiple Careers in the construction trades.

Program Description: The Construction Trades program is a state of Washington approved pre-apprenticeship program designed to teach entry-level construction skills and knowledge. This course covers both residential and commercial construction with an emphasis on job site safety. The course goals is to prepare students for direct entry into an apprenticeship by meeting rigorous academic and industry standards.

Brandon Young completed two years in our Construction Trades program

As a junior, Brandon was one of five NEWTech students selected to participate in a paid internship with Spokane's Associated General Contractors called the Lemon Head Program.  Brandon has been completing his internship with Bacon Concrete earning a prevailing wage of $38.16.

Photo of Brandon Young