PPE: Round Two

PPE: Round Two
Posted on 08/27/2020
For the second time this summer, NEWESD 101 has undertaken the mass distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) to regional schools.

In the latest effort, made possible through a collaborative effort with ESD 112 in Vancouver, NEWESD 101 is distributing PPE to 57 public school districts and approved private schools across its seven-county service area.

Pallets of supplies, including face masks and shields, gloves, sanitizer and thermometers, began flowing out of NEWESD 101 this week.

Earlier this summer, NEWESD 101 coordinated the free distribution of nearly a half-million surgical masks from the Emergency Operations Center in Seattle.

The current effort with ESD 112 is larger than the first, fulfilling remaining school needs for masks and other essential protective equipment.

NEWESD 101 extends its thanks to ESD 112, which is facilitating an $8 million statewide effort to stock schools with PPE.

Item posted: August 27, 2020