Face masks headed to local schools

Face masks headed to local schools
Posted on 06/10/2020
How big was it? Big, real big

Those who are old enough to remember the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson may recall his timeless “big” routine. His opening monologue would reference something big and his studio audience would respond, on cue, “How big was it?”

In that vein, we offer a “big” question synonymous with our times.

Imagine a stash of nearly a half-million disposable surgical masks, 480,000 to be precise. How big would it be?

In mathematical terms … we have no idea.

In layman’s terms, we do … it would be big, real big.

Big, as in nearly 100 boxes stacked on pallets roughly seven feet high.

It’s a fact. We know because NEWESD 101 is serving this week as the temporary home for 480,000 surgical masks.

The masks were received from the Emergency Operations Center in Seattle for distribution to schools in all four ESDs east of the Cascades. In addition to NEWESD 101, the other beneficiaries are ESD 105, Yakima; ESD 123, Pasco; and North Central ESD, Wenatchee.

Every day, a steady stream of cars, trucks and vans arrives at NEWESD 101, receiving product to be stocked in schools over the summer.

Face masks are a non-traditional gift to be sure. But, if you poll local districts in 2020, they will tell you the gift is big, real big.

Story posted: June 10, 2020
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