ECEAP Eligibility & Enrollment

Who is eligible and how to enroll?

Children are accepted into ECEAP based on their age, family income and other reasons they would benefit from education, family support and health services.

ECEAP gives priority to a child who: will be in kindergarten the following year; are in foster care or involved with the welfare system; are homeless; or are from families with lowest incomes.

Age: 2019-2020 ECEAP Age Eligibility

Preschool age - 3 or 4 years old by August 31, 2019

3 year olds must have been born between 9/1/15 and 8/31/16

4 year olds must have been born between 9/1/14 and 8/31/15

  • ECEAP accepts families at or below 110 percent of the federal poverty level. View the 2019 ECEAP Income Eligibility Limits here: Federal Poverty Level Chart 

  • Up to 10 percent of enrolled children (across the entire program) can be from families who are above the income requirements with other risk factors. To qualify for over-income enrollment, children must be experiencing (1) developmental factors, such as potential developmental delay, or other special needs; or (2) environmental risk factors.

Steps for Enrollment

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First Step: ECEAP Application Prescreen

Click here to complete the ECEAP Application Prescreen. You will be contacted by an ECEAP staff member to complete the remainder of the combined application and to verify child's birth date, parent(s) income and child's immunization status. Go to our ECEAP Location Sites and Programs page for contact information to complete a paper copy of the combined ECEAP Prescreen and Application document.

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Second Step: Combined Prescreen & Application and Verification

Combined_prescreen_and_application - NEWESD 101.pdf
Download the combined application, print and complete. To request an application be mailed to you complete this ECEAP Application request. Contact the site you are interested in to turn in the completed application and review verification documents.
During the summer, you can mail, fax or email the application and verification documents to NEWESD 101 (address, fax and email listed on application) or call (509) 323-2720 to schedule an appointment with the ECEAP Enrollment Assistant at the NEWESD 101 office in Spokane. 

Eligibility is not fully determined until this combined application is completed and verified by an ECEAP staff member and submitted to the Center for Early Childhood Services to be entered into the Early Learning Management System (ELMS) and the child is placed on the wait list for the site with a priority number.


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Third Step: Enrollment

Once the combined prescreen and application has been verified and sent to the Center for Early Childhood Services to be entered into the ELMS database, a priority number is assigned and eligibility is determined for part-day, school-day or working-day programs. Enrollment is based on the highest priority for the program type and space availability at the time of enrollment as well as best placement for the child. An ECEAP staff member will be in contact with you when space is available in the class to confirm enrollment and set a start date. We keep active wait lists in case a family leaves the program during the school year. Additional enrollment paperwork for the site will need to be completed before attending class. 

To speak with the ECEAP/ELMS Enrollment Assistant, please call (509) 323-2720 or 1/800-531-4285