High expectations

High expectations
Posted on 09/12/2023

NEWESD fosters a culture of high expectations, support and cooperation.

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Our Mission
NorthEast Washington Educational Service District 101 promotes educational excellence by delivering essential, cooperative services to schools and other learning communities.

Our Vision
NorthEast Washington Educational Service District 101 fosters a culture of high expectations, support and cooperation internally and externally that is valued and recognized by the Legislature, OSPI/SBE, our customers and the general public. We obtain and utilize resources that enable us to research, develop and deliver innovative services that ensure equitable opportunities for student success in all districts.

Our Commitments

  • To assist schools and other learning communities in preparing students for success.

  • To maintain strong, supportive, mutually beneficial relationships with schools and other educational partners.

  • To provide quality service and value.

  • To blend entrepreneurial imagination and public service spirit.

Our Strategic Focus


Goal 1
NEWESD 101 will continue to develop and deliver quality, innovative and effective services to member districts and learning communities

Strategic Objectives
  • Conduct an analysis each year of existing services utilizing advisory committees and other evaluative tools.

  • Seek additional cost-effective measures to deliver existing services.

  • Foster linkages among all schools to provide efficient and effective services.

  • Market services with additional emphasis on increased participation from medium to large-sized districts.

  • Annually evaluate existing facilities to maximize effective, efficient delivery of services.

Goal 2
NEWESD 101 will deliver services as requested and funded by OSPI and SBE according to the statutory mandate.

Strategic Objective
  • Continue developing relationships with OSPI and SBE to provide efficient, regional delivery of services.

Goal 3
NEWESD 101 will foster a culture of excellence among the NEWESD staff.

Strategic Objectives
  • Continue to implement an informative and supportive new employee orientation program.

  • Assure a meaningful evaluation system for each employee.

  • Perform periodic reviews of personnel policies.

  • Create professional development opportunities for all staff.

Communications and Marketing

Goal 1
NEWESD 101 will work with staff and administration to improve internal and external communications and increase awareness of ESD programs.

Strategic Objectives

  • More effectively utilize communication systems within the agency so information flow is consistently and accurately delivered.

  • Raise external awareness of services and their value (school, community and legislative).

  • Raise internal awareness (staff) of programs, services and their value.


Goal 1
NEWESD 101 will strive to increase the amount and consistency of agency funding.

Strategic Objectives

  • Advocate for increased state core funding.

  • In partnership with the Foundation board, NEWESD 101 will seek increased funding to the Foundation.

  • Dedicate resources to agency-wide research and fund-raising annually.

  • Work more efficiently through departmental cooperation to achieve optimal use of funds.

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