LTTNLiving Things and Their Needs (L)
Starting with what kindergartners know about living and non-living things, they explore the needs of living things through pumpkin seed germination and plant growth. They also design investigations to determine which habitat Bess bugs prefer. Students make firsthand observations of how living things can change their environment to meet their needs. By the end of the unit, they apply what they’ve learned about needs to design solutions to reduce human impact on the environment.

Performance Expectations: K-LS1-1; K-ESS2-2; K-ESS3-1; K-ESS3-3; K-2-ETS1-2

​Teacher supplied items (not supplied in kit): Water, crayons, markers, large drawing paper, chart paper, apple slice, stapler



WSWeather & Sky (E)
Students develop a solid foundation for understanding weather and its impact on their daily life. Students observe the sky and weather daily, and predict, observe, compare, and contrast their observations to identify and discuss patterns. Students explore temperature, wind, precipitation, and cloud cover using charts, models, and measurement tools. Students use what they learn to formulate their own definitions of and explanations for weather-related phenomena. Students look at severe-weather safety, specifically related to tornadoes and floods. The unit culminates with an independent weather-observation project and weather report.

Performance Expectations: K-PS3-1; K-PS3-2; K-ESS2-1; K-ESS3-2; K-2-ETS1-1; K-2-ETS1

Teacher supplied items (not supplied in kit): Dry erase marker, glue sticks, Ice cubes, water, art supplies, chart paper, markers.



PPGPush, Pull, Go (P)
Students will discover the patterns of how objects move. Young scientists use foam balls, dominoes, spinning tops, and Kid K’NEX® to build action toys that move. After exploring systems including swings, slides, and tumbling dominoes, pairs are challenged to design and build a contraption that “works.” Each science toy that students build moves in a different but predictable pattern. As a result, students build a grade-level-appropriate concept of systems and an understanding of moving objects.

​Performance Expectations:​ K-PS2-1; K-PS2-2; K-2-ETS1-1; K-2-ETS1-2

Teacher supplied items (not supplied in kit): Chart paper, crayons, markers.