Rotation and Delivery Schedules

Reminder! Schools who have not notified us of an intent to use the virtual/remote kits will receive the traditional physical kits.

Because virtual/remote kits aren't built until a request is made, any requests for virtual kits for your order rather than physical kits made after August 19 could result in a delay in delivery with the kits either being shipped to you or arrangements for schools to pick them up from the kit center.

NOTE: Virtual/remote middle school kits will be slightly delayed in their delivery and will not arrive on the truck with the elementary kits. We are in the final stages of selecting the lessons and types of materials that are kid-friendly and appropriate to be included in the virtual kit. Those virtual titles will be shipped to the schools as soon as they are completed. Tammie Schrader will be reaching out to those teachers who are teaching our middle school kits to provide guidance, instruction and information.

At this point, we are taking virtual/remote kit requests for fall only. Closer to winter trimester, we will collect information from schools on which version of kit they would like to receive for winter. Please note that there are not currently virtual versions of the extension titles and engineering titles.

Schools will be responsible for picking up/exchanging kits after the August 19 date. This is to help ensure accuracy of the kits being delivered.

*If your building ordered STEM kits, they will either be delivered during "Fall In" and picked up during "Winter Out" or be delivered during "Winter In" and picked up during "Spring Out".

Fall Out
Fall In
Winter Out
Winter In
Spring Out
Spring In
Route 1
8-31-20 11-2-20 12-7-20  2-16-21 3-22-21 6-7-21
Route 2
9-1-20 11-3-20 12-8-20 2-17-21 3-23-21 6-8-21
Route 3
9-2-20 11-4-20 12-9-20 2-18-21 3-24-21 6-9-21
Route 4
9-3-20 11-5-20 12-10-20 2-19-21 3-25-21 6-10-21
Route 5
9-4-20 11-6-20 12-11-20 2-19-21 3-26-21 6-11-21
Route 6
9-4-20 11-6-20 12-11-20 2-19-21 3-26-21 6-11-21

(This PDF file is up-to-date as of 11-5-20)


**Please note that while we can not provide specific arrival times, DeVries has provided us with the order in which they will be servicing the schools. Keep in mind, however, they often times they have multiple trucks out on a given day.
Kits must be ready to go out the morning of the scheduled pick up.

Route 1

  • Reardan Elementary/Middle School
  • Creston Elementary/Middle School
  • Harrington Elementary
  • Wellpinit Elementary/Middle School
  • Rosalia Elementary/Middle School
  • Sprague Elementary

Route 3

  • Curlew Elementary
  • Inchelium Elementary/Middle School
  • Northport Elementary/Middle School
  • Kettle Falls Elementary
  • Columbia Elementary


  • Loon Lake Elementary
  • Gess Elementary (Chewelah)
  • Jenkins Middle School (Chewelah)               
  • Summit Valley

Route 5

  • Ness Elementary (WV)
  • Pasadena Park Elementary (WV)
  • Orchard Center Elementary (WV)
  • Seth Woodard Elementary (WV)
  • Millwood Kindergarten Center (WV)
Route 6
  • Lakeside Middle School (Nine Mile)
  • Lake Spokane Elementary (Nine Mile)
  • Nine Mile Elementary
  • Great Northern