NEWESD 101 quick facts:
   Service area (in square miles): 14,026
   Public school districts served: 59
   State-approved private schools: 45
   Public school enrollment (2013-14): 89,217
   Private school enrollment (2013-14):  6,900 (est.)
   Total regional enrollment (2013-14): 96,117
   Counties served: 7
Superintendent's Message

Welcome to NorthEast Washington's Educational Service District 101. At NEWESD 101 we are proud to serve and support 59 public school districts and 45 state-approved private schools in seven counties in eastern Washington (Adams, Ferry, Lincoln, Pend Oreille, Spokane, Stevens, and Whitman). We promote educational excellence by delivering essential, cooperative services to schools and other learning communities. Our commitments include:
  • Assisting schools and other learning communities in preparing students for success.
  • Maintaining strong, supportive, mutually beneficial relationships with schools and other educational partners.
  • Providing quality service and value.
  • Blending entrepreneurial imagination and public service spirit.

We take seriously the opportunity and responsibility we have to help schools and districts serve the most valuable resource in our nation - our youth. It is the children of our region, and the educators who serve them, who are the reason for our existence and who inspire the quality of work and service we strive to deliver.

We hope you will find our website a valuable informational tool which provides a window to the outstanding staff of our agency and the diverse and quality services we offer. We also hope that you will call, email, visit, or invite us to visit you if you are unable to locate the information or assistance you need. Again, we exist to serve and support the superb young people of our region, and the school and district educators who work directly with them. On behalf of you, each member of the NEWESD 101 staff works hard every day to add significant value to your good and hard work.

Michael Dunn, Ed.D.
 New ESD101